Linda Wiester founded Cleany Boppers®, Inc. as a residential cleaning service
in 1979. Throughout Maryland, Cleany Boppers quickly gained a reputation for high
quality and efficient cleaning services.
There are five divisions of services offered by Cleany Boppers: Residential,
Janitorial, Carpets, Windows, and Specialty. Cleany Boppers operates in the
Mid Atlantic region. Most out of state work involves high-rise window washing,
chandelier cleaning (over one ton), and construction site cleanup.

In addition to her work at Cleany Boppers, Linda is a past President of the
Baltimore Region National Association of Women Business Owners, and has been
the subject of numerous articles, radio shows, and television programs. What's In A Name? Linda says, "Like most girls growing up in the 50's and 60's, listening to music on
record players was a big part of my life. Teeny Bopper music was all the rage.
In 1986, when I was brainstorming with my family for a name for my company,
Teeny Bopper music was playing on the stereo. I decided to substitute
"Cleany" for "Teeny" and added it to the list of considerations. My family vetoed it.
Fortunately, I had final approval. The name has always accounted for over 50% of
initial inquiries into the business."
   Cleany Boppers owner and founder, Linda Wiester, has been 
the subject of numerous articles and mentioned in national 
publications such as Family Circle, Entrepreneurial Woman 
and the local newpaper The Baltimore Sun for her contributions 
to women owned enterprises.
Also with features in the following books:
"Conversations with Uncommon Women" (Ellie Wymard, Ph.D., 1999 AMA Publications) "The Woman Entrepreneur" (Linda Pinson & Jerry Jinnett, 1992 Out Of Your Mind And IntoThe Marketplace),
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